In This Moment

By: Mary Welch

This past weekend I was lucky enough to shoot one of my favourite bands, In This Moment. And not only the first three songs like most band’s photo policies are, but the whole set. I had so many great photos to go through thanks to ITM’s awesome lighting and theatrics. However, guitarist Chris Horoworth and drummer Kent Diimel were very far back on the stage and it was hard to see them even from the front row which bummed me out a little. Their talent is mind-blowing and I always look forward to seeing them play. Fortunately, the musicians of the band showcase their talent during a medley halfway through the set and it is always a major highlight for me at In This Moment shows.

As mentioned many times before, the lighting, props, outfits, and every other element In This Moment brings to the table makes them what they are next to their sound. I am so excited for their new music coming out soon. Their new album was recently confirmed by Horoworth and will be called Mother, also claimed to be as heavy as one of their previous releases Blood. It is set to be released in August of this year.

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