Collapse the World Tour

By: Jennifer Pinckney

It’s a Sunday night in downtown Nashville, but that didn’t stop hundreds of screaming fans from seeing Killswitch Engage and Parkway Drive tonight. I ran into a family who said they just saw the show in Atlanta the night before ,and how it was so awesome that they decided to see it again tonight. At that moment, it was confirmed that yes. this was going to be one hell of a night.

The show started right at 6:30pm because we had four bands to hear from! Vein was the first one to take the stage and what a band to wake up to! Screams and growls from most of the guys on the stage and so much energy! These guys showed off their stuff. Check them out for some good hardcore metal/screamo stuff.

After the Burial came next, and I was very impressed with them. They sounded really good, and it was my first time seeing them. Front man, Anthony Notamaso’s screams were on point. The band had a lot of energy and lots of hair flying all over the place. Very cool to see them and hope to see them again soon.

Parkway Drive needed no introduction. I think the crowd was almost at its max. They got a big mosh pit started and everyone had their horns up in the air. The light set up was unlike most that I’ve seen, but nice to see something different and really give us photographers a big challenge. I see why they have been nominated for the Best Band to play Live and also the Best International Band. If you missed them this time around, check back for next year. They come to Nashville at least once a year. See you there next year?

My ultimate favorite band took the stage next. Killswitch Engage wasted no time running out and embracing us with their power. The guys were on fire (as they usually are)!!! We heard all of our favorites including, “End of Heartache”, “My Curse,” “Hate by Design,” and of course “Holy Diver.” The guys had to end right at 11pm, but that was one hell of a 90-minute set. Till next year... or till they come back again. Trust me… you want to be here.

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