Dance Gavin Dance

By Jennifer Pinckney

I don’t think I was the only one who was anxiously waiting for this show to finally be here! Dance Gavin Dance announced this tour months ago, and tons of fans have been dying to see these bands! Today we got to hear from 5 bands on a typical Thursday night in downtown Nashville.

Thousand Below was the first to take the stage right at 6:30 and they were a perfect fit to warm us up for the crazy bands to come. These guys are a personal favorite of mine. They are from San Diego and they have been coming here a lot lately. Check out their music, especially “Tradition,” and “Sinking Me.” Front man James Deburg has amazing vocals both for singing and screaming. His performance was on fire tonight!

Covet took the stage next. One thing I love about big tours like this one is that you have such a random mix of genres. It helps bring people together. It’s all about the music and the love we all share for it. Covet is a 3-piece instrumental group that was showing off great skills and smiles. Pretty cool to see a headless guitar and hear how it all sounded together.

Hail the sun came out running to the stage and wasted no time in going insane!!! The band is also from California, and they had so much energy! Front man Donovan Melero was a challenge to photograph, but that’s not a bad thing. He kept running all over the place, showing off his skill! They are definitely a band to check out for some more great metal music!

Finally, it was time… for the one and only Don Broco! I had heard so many good things about this band and they did not disappoint one bit! The guys are from England and they could not have put on a better set! So much jumping, screaming, smiling, singing and interacting with the screaming audience… PERFECT set!  Tons of crowd surfing, moshing and even a bit of walls of death occurred. This crowd was rough! But they all looked like they were having a blast. Don Broco opened with “Everybody”, and also included a few other familiar songs like, “Stay Ignorant,” “Technology” and of course, “T-shirt,” when everyone in the crowd took their shirts and swung them round and round in the air! Hope to see them back on the road again soon.

Last but certainly not least…  Dance Gavin Dance. Fans screamed as they approached the stage, and someone shouted, “Thank you for coming to Nashville!” So, there were a lot of people who had been waiting to see these guys. They have a very creative mix of music. They bring screamo and psychedelic music to the stage with them. A few tunes that they played were, “Son of Robot,” “Suspended,” “The rattler,” and “Uneasy Hearts.” The hundreds of fans who came out to this show were enjoying every minute of their set. Tons of people crowd surfed while others just screamed and sang along with their hands in the air!

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