By: Jennifer Pinckney

Tonight’s show was definitely one for the books. One of the best I’ve been to! It was a night of nearly 2.5 hours of just Shinedown and their amazing music. Doors opened for the Ryman at 7pm and the old church filled up pretty quickly. This was night 2 of Shinedown playing at the Ryman here in Music City.

Brent Smith took the stage right at 8:30pm to grace our ears with a solo acoustic set of just him singing “Dock on the Bay.” I could listen to this man for hours. His voice just has such a unique sound. You can clearly tell his voice apart from others. It’s no wonder that he is clearly doing what he was meant to do.

The other guys came out to the stage to join him and broke into, “I dare you,” followed by a few other classics like, “Fly from the inside,” “Bully,” “Call me,” “Simple Man,” many others in between and ending with “Sound of Madness.”

One of the amazing moments we witnessed was Zack Meyers had a solo act with his acoustic guitar. He played “Randy Travis Forever and Ever, Amen“ and dedicated that to Brent’s Parents, his wife and his kids. The crowd did not hesitate to help him sing along as well.

I hope to experience more nights like this. Music was perfect and on point, the band was so funny and interactive with the audience and everyone just seemed to get along with the people around them. Felt like we were all one big happy Shinedown family. Hey Brent… please have another show like this in the future!! :)

Savvage Media