Corrosion of Conformity

By: Jennifer Pinckney

Corrosion of Conformity
A quest to believe, A call to the void…

I was stoked that I was able to attend and photograph this night full of good old ROCK! This tour ran from 1/19/19 through 3/1/19, beginning in San Antonio, Texas all the way through to New Orleans, LA.  I saw them on a Wednesday night in downtown Nashville, TN at the very popular venue called the Cowan. Doors opened at 6pm, and the show began promptly at 7pm with Mothership there to wake our asses up! I hadn’t heard of these guys before, but this three-piece masterpiece from Texas brought their game. The room was pretty full for these guys, and lots of fans in the crowd were banging their heads along! Everyone was there with their drinks, their friends and their horns up in the air.

The Obsessed have been touring for quite some time now, and it was so cool to finally see them and hear them play live. These guys begin their music journey back in 1976, and their front man and founder, Scott “Wino” Weinrich still knows how to fill up the room and give us Rockers an amazing show! The guys are from Maryland and they are working on another tour coming up soon! Check out their Facebook for more information.

I think most of the people were pretty damn excited about the next band to take the stage. Crowbar began their madness and not too long after, many mosh pits were formed and everyone had their horns up in the air! The guys played a great set beginning with “All I Had (I Gave)”, “To Build a Mountain”, “To Carry the Load”, “Like Broken Glass,” plus many more. So cool to see these guys live and be able to photograph them as well.

Last, but certainly not least, our headliners took their place and came out with a roar! Corrosion of Conformity began their set with “Stonebreaker,” and continued their set with a many tracks including, “Wolf Named Crow”, “My Grain”, “Vote with a Bullet”, “Who’s Got the Fire,” and an encore ending with “Clean my Wounds.” Their newest album, No Cross, No Crown, was released January 2018, and it has exploded! It is their first album since 2005, and it sounds as if no time has passed. The guys played an unforgettable set and left everyone wanting more.

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