By: Mary Welch

Cane Hill… one of the few bands that never fails to have a great setlist, a good mix of older and newer songs that the Chicago crowd always loves regardless. During their first song, I noticed while in the photo pit there was a 70-something year old man at the barricade and he was having just as good of a time as I was. Whether you’re young or not, Cane Hill is simply irresistible. I’ve been really into some tracks off their most recent EP called Kill the Sun, the songs being very experimental and more acoustic than ever. Although I did not anticipate for them to reach a softer side musically, who they are as a band is always so interesting and refreshing from all the other bands that sound alike. They did not play anything from the EP at the show, but I am hopeful they will on their upcoming tour just announced with Sylar.

Not knowing anything of Tremonti beforehand was a mistake! They have that dad rock sound you would hear fill an arena. And of course we appreciate their drummer is a Chicagoan! Frontman Mike Tremonti told us all about their latest album from this past summer called A Dying Machine.

I don’t know much about Sevendust or even all of their music, but this was my second time photographing their set within a year and it’s so obvious that their shows are personal. Vocalist Lajon Witherspoon always interacts with photographers and fans and it really feels like it should- intimate even if the room is big and full of strangers. Their sound, not to mention, is so unique and they are without a doubt a staple band in rock. They have a tour this spring with In This Moment and you can find dates/tickets here.

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