the Upside Down Flowers Tour

By: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

The Upside Down Flowers Tour made it’s way to Nashville this past Wednesday. Featuring Grizfolk and flor, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness set out to bring a radiant night of music to our ears. Each band brought a unique element to the show, tying into a lovely evening. Grizfolk started off with an alternative folk-rock sound. I was instantly drawn to Adam Roth’s raspy voice. Their songs made me feel so at ease. Up next was flor. Zachary Grace has one of the coolest voices I have ever heard. flor has a fun blend of synth-pop and indie rock. Andrew McMahon always puts on a sunning show. The production was unreal; gardens on stage (which band members “watered”), Andrew’s piano freeing from a cage, and so many flowers. This was so aesthetically pleasing. On top of all of this, Andrew was running across the stage, standing on the piano, and interacting with fans left and right. Such an incredible night with elite performances, and a dancing crowd from the get-co.

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The party went all night long, thanks to Nashville is the Reason. NITR hosted flor and Andrew McMahon as guest dj’s at the official after party. Fans were able to meet the band, while sipping on lyrical pun drinks (such as “Woke Up in a Bar”). We danced along to all of our favorite pop-punk favorites; the perfect way to end the night.

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