Am I a Girl? Tour

By: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

Flint Eastwood started the show off with an insane amount of energy. Jax Anderson dominated the crowd as she rand all over the stage with her power vocals, fun dance moves, and quirky banter. I thoroughly enjoyed their set, and look forward to seeing more from Flint Eastwood.

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“Is Poppy a girl? Is Poppy a boy? Is Poppy gender neutral?” The show starts off asking all these questions about Poppy, who sets out to break all of these barriers. As the show goes on, Poppy continues to ask “is Poppy your best friend? Do you love Poppy?” Moriah Rose Pereira, most commonly known as Poppy, stays true to her YouTube persona as she performs quite a unique set here in Nashville.

This was such a fun show. It was my first time seeing Poppy, and I was instantly hooked. The production was awesome; lots of bright lights, a screen with corresponding imagery, and fun costumes/choreography. Some of my favorite songs of the night were “Chic Chick”, “Money”, and “My Style.” For tickets/tour dates for the Am I a Real Girl Tour, check out the [OFFICIAL SITE].

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