New Releases (June)

By:  Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

Summer is two weeks away, which means it's officially tour season!  Our favorite bands are releasing new singles and getting ready to release new albums, all while gearing up for summer tours and summer festivals.  You can never have too many songs on your playlist, so here's a list of 10 new releases to check out.


10.  "You Deserve Better" - James Arthur
Straight from the United Kingdom, James Arthur's voice is silky-smooth.  With honest and vulnerable lyrics, "Might be what you want, but I'm not what you need / You're better, better than you even realize," this song tugs on your heart.  Arthur's honesty is so pure, and his sultry voice is so lovable.  Arthur's music is so good, and I feel like 2018 is going to be his year.  I'm typically not huge on pop music, but I can't ignore a hit.  Check out Arthur's international tour dates [ HERE ]. 

9.  "Give Yourself a Try" - the 1975
Matty Healy has so much up his sleeve.  After being inactive on Twitter for nearly a year. the 1975 took to Twitter May 1st with cryptic messages and a countdown.  We all knew that new music was coming, but wanted answers (that we are still unsure of).  June 1st, we finally got to hear a new single from what we can assume to be the upcoming 1975 album.  With lyrics "The only apparatus required for happiness is your pain, and fucking, going outside," Matty's vulnerable lyrics help us to see  just a layer of how humanity is technology oriented.  Stay tuned for possible tour dates and possible album updates from the 1975.

8.  "Vultures" - William Ryan Key
I've been a huge fan of WRK since I was eleven years old.  I was devastated when Yellowcard said their farewell, but also excited for William's next chapter of music.  "Truth is still a potion you can’t keep down / Guess you’ll have to swallow it forever now."  The lyrics in this song, as well as many on Thirteen, deal with letting go and moving on.  Key's new sound is more indie/folk, very different than what fans are used to, but he pulls it off well.  William Ryan Key is currently on tour with New Found Glory and Bayside [ TICKETS / DATES ].  If you live in the Nashville area, you can also check out BreakFest with William Ryan Key, New Found Glory, Bayside, The Movielife, Hot Rod Circuit, Free Throw, Cartel, Daddy Issues, The Dangerous Summer, and Idle Bloom [ TICKETS ] on June 24th!

7.  "Have It All" (Acoustic) - Jason Mraz
I have been jamming to Jason Mraz since I was in middle school.  I always thought that his rhythm was perfect ans his lyrics were so clever; they still are.  This is the sweetest song ever.  The lyrics are all about wishing someone happiness, success, and all the positive things in life.  "And may the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows / And may the road less paved be the road that you follow."  In such a negative world, it's nice to know that good people still exist.  This song is every bit of positivity that we needed.  Thank you, Mr-AZ.

6.  "Africa" (Cover) - Weezer
It all started with a Tweet.  A teenager, known as @weezerafrica, with the screen name "weezer cover africa by toto" had one single request.  With the power of the internet, Mary's wish was granted and Weezer sure did bless the rains down in Africa.  As if this song wasn't catchy enough, Weezer definitely kicked it up a notch.  This song will forever be stuck in my head, and I'm not mad.  Catch Weezer on tour with The Pixies all summer long [ TICKETS/DATES ].

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5.  "New Light" - John Mayer
If you're looking for some "premium content," look no further.  John Mayer's latest music video is... different.  The "high quality video" follows John Mayer with a very obvious green screen in a comedic sense.  Let's not overlook how good "New Light" is both vocally and melodically.  This song demonstrates the sultry vocals that we know and love.  The guitar parts are also genius.  John is one of my favorite guitarists, her writes some of the best pieces out there.  John Mayer might owe me $200, but this song just might let me forgive him.  Catch John Mayer on the Dead and Company tour this summer [ DATES / TICKETS ]. 

4.  "So Poetic" - Sundressed
Sundressed is another band that I had never heard of before, but Spotify knows me well and suggested this awesome band. As a pop-punk princess, Sundressed is everything I wanted and more. “So Poetic” meets all of the criteria of a pop punk song; power cords, breakdowns, and relatable lyrics (“You just can't acknowledge me / You chalk it up to modesty / I never really had a plan /I just wanted to meet all your demands”). After listening to this, I wanted to know more about Sundressed, so I started binging on their music. This Arizona band is playing the Phoenix date of Warped Tour, so please check them out and jam out hard for me!

3.  "Care" - Dance Gavin Dance
I'll be completely honest; up until now, I had never heard a single DGD song.  I had nothing against them, I just never gave them a try.  Spotify recommended "Care" as a suggested song and I was instantly kicking myself in the ass for not getting into Dance Gavin Dance sooner.  I could listen to this song all day, it's so damn good.  Tilian's vocals gave me goosebumps, he has the kind of voice I could listen to on repeat.  I also loved the dynamics of the song; switching from heavy guitar riffs to funky bass.  This song is brilliant.  Dance Gavin Dance released Artificial Selection this past week, and I am ready to binge this album.

2.  "Sunlight" - Lydia
Lydia is such a solid band, they are definitely underrated. This Arizona-based rock/alternative band shows off a lighter, more ambient vibe in this track. “Tell me you love me like you used to, yeah / Talking that shit like you don't love to / Said you do it well, you do it well.” Don’t worry, Leighton Antelman, I have no problem telling you that I love you. Especially after hearing the acoustic version of this song, the harmonies and chilling vocals. Lydia’s album, Liquor, is due to release July 13th, and we cannot wait! Also, Lydia will be on Tour all summer, so you’ll finally be able to hear the songs live [ DATES / TICKETS ].

1.  "It's Hard To Be Religious When Certain People Are Never Incinerated By Bolts Of Lightning" - Mayday Parade
Mayday Parade has just released the second single off their upcoming album, Sunnyland (June 15th, Rise Records).  This song gives off a true FU vibe with lyrics, "You said we’d leave no one behind / To prove what you had wasn’t dead inside / But we know, yeah, everyone knows / what a selfish prick you’ve become."  Damn.  They are not playing around, and I love it.  The edgy guitar riffs and blunt lyrics are 10/10.  Mayday Parade is back and stronger than ever.  Be sure to catch Mayday Parade all summer long on the final Vans Warped Tour.

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