Family and Friends - Felix Culpa

By: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

Memories of you now, sweet as peaches.
Replaying in my head, like a voice of reason.


Indie-folk rockers, Family and Friends, have just released their debut full-length, Felix Culpa.  This album has me instantly hooked.  The album title loosely translates to “happy mistake,” meaning that we all deserve to celebrate our lives, even if we never find the true "reason" for our existence.  This Athens based group has such a positive vibe, each song makes a perfect addition for your daily playlist.  These are the kind of songs you play when you're driving in the car, windows down, and the sun is shining.  My favorite tracks on Felix Culpa are "Youth and Young" and "Peaches."  Both of these songs demonstrate that feel-good vibe that we know and love from Family and Friends. 

This album was produced by Brad Wood (Smashing Pumpkins, Sunny Day Real Estate) and helps to let Family and Friends show off their authentic talent.  Family and Friends have shifted their band around both musically and as whole.  They have become more of a collaborative style, and it has truly helped to take their music to the next level.  The last Family and Friends' EP focused on love and nostalgia, however, this album focuses on adulthood and more of life's journey.  The bright guitar melodies and peaceful harmonies help to keep the album very light, leaving an overall feeling of hope for the listeners, despite some of the lyric subjects.  I highly recommend picking up a copy of Felix Culpa, and checking out Family and Friends on tour now!

Felix Culpa is available on all major music outlets now,
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