By: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

We caught up with Mallrat at her Nashville show. Check out Nicole’s exclusive interview, talking about intuition, Kanye, spiders, and more! Also featuring photos from the show with Guardian and Gnash.

You started out by self-promoting yourself - sending your own demos out. Do you often find yourself to by a big risk taker?

I take big risks, but I also listen to my gut a lot. If my gut is telling me that it’s the right thing to do, then it doesn’t really feel like a risk to me. I’m like “oh, I should just do this. I don’t know how it is going to work out yet, but I can feel like it is the right thing to do.”

Like you said, you really didn’t know what to expect. The feedback you received was incredible, and it took off from there. Was that something you had any kind of inkling about, or you just kind of went for it?

I’m not sure, there just a bunch of tiny little signs. I thought, ahhh this is going to be good. I just took a leap.

Well, we are glad you went for it! So your first EP vs your second; there is definitely a bit more of a mature sound. The style has grown so much. The first album talks more about your teenage life. What do you find your typical songwriting process to be like?

It’s always different and always changing. Sorry, I know that’s an annoying answer! It’s hard to explain and give an honest answer without being so rambly! Every time is different. Sometimes it will start with playing the chords or making a beat. Other times it will start with a melody or lyrics I have in my head. Sometimes it’s just the lyrics. It varies!

You recently interviewed Cup Sport. How did that come about?

Yes, I love them!!! They are some of my best friends. We are both from Brisbane. and they are such beautiful people. Their album just came out, so they have been doing a lot of press for it. They asked to do an artist-on-artist interview. They asked me to do one, and I was so excited! It was so cool, because I feel like I got to lead the questions so that they could tell anecdotes; things that other interviewers might not get them to say. I’m so happy that I was able to do that.

Do you see yourself collaborating with them any time soon?

Yes, I actually have a track on their new album! So definitely that, and hopefully more!

With writing the interview, did you ever think that maybe you will do artist series yourself?

Maybe I should. I always wanted to do something in music, but I never thought I would make it in music. I had thought about music journalism. It would be something cool to do.

You’re very linguistic; your questions led to great stories. Maybe it could be something you do while you’re out on the road?

You’re so nice, thank you! Yeah, like a blog or tv series. I could see that!

Let’s try a practice question; what would you ask me right now if I was on your series?

I would ask what music do you like to listen to, and that would help me to start the conversation… What music do you like to listen to?

I mostly listen to rock/alternative. When I find an artist, like you, that captivates me, I will instantly get hooked. It might not be what I normally listen to, but I can really connect with your lyrics, and the songs are catchy.

Playing in Australia vs playing in the States. Do you have any favorite venues or places to play?

The is this festival in Australia called Splendour in the Grass, and that’s one of my favorites. There is also a festival that we just played, called Falls. When you play Falls, you get to play Tasmania, It’s so much fun! Also, in Brisbane there is a venue called the Tivoli, I love that one. It’s old and not quite a theater, but it is so beautiful

What has been your favorite place that you have visited so far?

My DJ and I went to Japan once. It was the best, I definitely want to go back this year! Hopefully we can get some gigs there! That would be so cool.

What are your three must have items on tour?

Glitter - which I left at the hotel, but every other night I am covered in it, black eyeliner, and my USB for my DJ. If we don’t have that, there is no show!

If you could create your dream tour line-up for a tour you would be on, who would you pick?

I really love hip-hop, so I would love to do a hip-hop show. I love the energy that goes throughout the crowd! My favorite rappers are Kanye [West], Travis Scott, Tyler the Creator, and A$AP ROCKY. One or two of them… It’s two hard!

I know you’re a huge Kanye fan, do you see yourself working with him soon?

That would be so awesome, I really hope so. I really love him!

When you were younger, you discovered a species of spiders. How did that come about?!

I just saw it in my family friend’s garden. It was by their car. I was only four and thought, “that’s a weird looking spider.” I showed it to my dad, and he thought it looked weird too. So, we put it in a little container and took it to the museum. They had a section with all different bugs, it was crazy. They said yes, this is a new species! They even gave me a certificate. It’s kind of dodgy though; I was really little and loved the spider. They asked if they could do experiments on him, so of course I said no! They asked to keep him overnight, so I said sure. We came back to get him the next day and “they lost him.” So they gave me a nice certificate, but I’ve googled the spider and can’t find him anywhere. So I think they stole my spider.. How do you lose a spider?! So dodgy.

Nashville is music city. So many people here want to either be an artist, or make it in the music industry. Any advice for them?

Make what you think sounds cool, and trust your gut!

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