By: Mary Welch

Recently, I was fortunate enough to hang out with Dayshell on Slaves’ tour for their album release of The Beautiful Death, including Kyle Lucas and Ghost Town. Shayley Bourget and Zack Baker of Dayshell were again kind enough to sit down with me for a few minutes and talk about new music, what they do to annoy their bandmates, Leo DiCaprio, and navigating through the music industry. They just reached their six-year anniversary as a band, and although they are not new, I would say they are one of the top bands I know of who have never received the recognition they deserve. Thank you to everyone with Dayshell that made me feel right at home!

M: For those who have not heard of Dayshell before, what is the first thing they need to know about who you are?

S: We’re the most badass band ever, I’d say. Ever. In eternity. Infinite.

M: Congratulations on reaching the 6-year anniversary of Dayshell- what have been the coolest highlights or most surreal moments so far?

S: I guess being able to do two albums, being able to actually be on a full-length album is pretty cool for him for the first time. That’s probably a highlight for him, but the fact that we’re still here.
Z: Still touring, kicking ass.

M: Over the years, you have been very open about struggles you may have faced navigating through the music industry. What is the most important thing you have learned, either through your experience or someone else's?

S: You don’t need a label… You don’t need a label to a certain degree unless you’re smart enough to be able to run it completely by yourself. You don’t need a label until you’re selling out clubs like this. That’s my recommendation! Like, make sure that you’re self-efficient, make your band-self-efficient, so when the label does approach you, you can say, “hey label, what can you do that we aren’t already doing ourselves?”

M: Are you still on Spinefarm?

S: We’re not with Spinefarm anymore. We decided that it’s probably best on both end, no hard feelings. I love those guys.

M: Zack- On this tour, you are doing drums for both Dayshell and Slaves. How did that happen?

Z: Ahh, super last minute. It was just one night I got a text saying, “do you know the set?” and I was like, “y-yes?” because I played with them in Europe in October and so it’s pretty much the same set. I was kind of relearning it really fast and then the next day I was like “Cool. Alrighty, here we go!”

M: "Carsick" is one of your most current and popular songs, and the music video for it is very interesting. Can you talk a little bit about the meaning of how the video and song relate to one another?

S: The song is about not being in control. It feels like you’re in the passenger seat of your own life because you’re drinking and you’re depressed. You feel like you’re cruising through life, like on auto-pilot where you feel trapped and the doors are locked. I guess the box thing at the end and the whole concept of the music video is all this tragedy happening with all this anxiety happening. Then I look in the box and it’s like, “oh, it makes sense. I just needed to wake up, just take a grip no matter how hard it is and it’s not that bad. One of those things.”

M: What do you do to annoy your bandmates?

S: Just exist.
Z: We are us, and if they catch on then they catch on. If not, sorry!

M: Most common catch phrases or sayings?

Z: “Look out,” “yikes,” “smoke weed” (laughs)

M: Ryan Gosling or Leo DiCaprio?

S: Leo. Ryan’s very attractive but Leo’s more badass. At the same time, I’m totally into people’s beliefs, but it kind of just eeks me a little bit when people go like full-born environmental. At the same time, you know, if that’s where his heart follows, it’s cool. It kind of distorted my perception of him but it doesn’t mean a bad thing. It’s just something I prefer- him to be a badass, kickass actor. Best actor for sure, at least of our generation.
Z: Leo for sure! He can play anything. Him and Tom Hardy are my two favorites!

M: What would you do if you were invisible for a day?

Z: Whatever I wanted! (laughs)
S: Hey that’s for me to know and no one else to find out…

M: Touring or studio?

S: Studio for me
Z: Studio. Yeah, definitely the creative process. Watching something go from demo to album form is one of the most beautiful things. Touring is just dirty. You smell each other all the time
S: At our level, anyhow.
Z: I feel like touring could be even more fun, like when we get to the arena stage eventually.
S: Yeah, you’d be picturing the songs that you’re writing and recording and you’re thinking about how it’s going to sound live, how huge it is. I even think about that when I write my music. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this- it’s huge. It sounds big. That’s because I think of amphitheaters… One day.

M: Finally, any closing thoughts for Dayshell fans?

Z: Stay tuned for new music this year. Look out!
S: New music ASAP! You’ll see…

M: How soon?

S: It’s kind of up to us. If we come home and feel like finishing a song in two days and releasing it… we have a lot to work on.
Z: There’s quite a few demos
S: There’s more songs to write. I want to write new songs. Every time I write a new song, it’s better than the other one, I think. Might as well keep doing that.
Z: Every single time I get something from him it’s always like, “yep, I like that. Yep, that’s good!” I can’t add anything to it. Here we go!

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