By: Mary Welch


There are ominous numbers on your social media accounts… Fans are sensing a new era of VISTA! What we can get excited for this summer?

Hope: I think we’re still in the Long Live era, just because we don’t have any current plans to put out a new record. We’re just getting ready for tour, we’ll be on The Bloodlust Tour from 6/25-7/24, so that’s where most of our focus is right now!
Greg: Yeah, we’re still in this era, but just updating it a bit. Get excited for tour!

VISTA released its debut EP, Versus, in 2015, followed by Long Live in 2017.  How does the new single “Witch Hunt” differ from all that you’ve done before?

Hope: Greg’s first record with VISTA was Long Live, so since then, we’ve just continued to evolve. I personally don’t really like when people say bands ‘change,’ because writing and recording music is a constant evolution. The more you write, the more you work with certain people and fall into a good working relationship; that’s when you grow the most. So we just continue to evolve, learn, grow. We’re hoping that the more we keep putting out new stuff, the more that evolution will show. I think “Witch Hunt” in particular really shows a step up in growth from Long Live.
Greg: Yeah I think it takes a different approach, but it also has the same backbone of what makes VISTA, VISTA. I have no idea how it will happen, but I’m sure we will try to write some future song another different way to produce a slightly different result as well.

Why the title “Witch Hunt”?  What is the significance of the song to you, and what do you want listeners to take away from it?

Hope: I think it alludes to the current state of the world right now. In society now, it’s very difficult to get a true grasp on who you can trust.
Greg: Just know what you’re not the only one feeling like everything is fucking insane. It is. We feel it too. It’s hard to get to trust people in the midst of it.
Hope: So we just kinda went with that. We had a mutual ‘who can we trust’ kind of feeling.

Upon my initial listen of “Witch Hunt,” I thought of how badass it would sound live.  When will we get to hear you play it?

Hope: We’ve actually been playing it live since March! We’ve only done five shows since then to prep for tour, but anyone who went to those shows got to hear it first!
Greg: Yeah, we tried to get that song sounding tight as soon as it was done. I love making songs sound good live.

What are you most excited for regarding the future of VISTA?

Greg: I’m excited at the thought of where we will be in a year. If you asked me last year what we’d be doing in a year, I’m not sure I’d really have all the right answers to it. You can do anything you put your mind to is what it boils down to, I suppose.
Hope: Same as Greg, I’m just excited to keep growing and learning. I always try to soak up as much knowledge as I can in every aspect of my life, but especially in the music industry. I want to be as educated as possible. So I’m just looking forward to learning more with VISTA and applying that to each facet of our careers.

Catch VISTA on Tour:
6/25 - Bungalow - Manchester, NH
6/26 - Stamps - Buffalo, NY
6/27 - The Cave - New Haven, CT
6/29 - Smiling Moose - Pittsburgh, PA
7/1 - Skully’s Music Diner - Columbus, OH
7/2 - Irving Theater - Indianapolis, IN
7/3 - Wire - Chicago, IL
7/5 - Amsterdam Bar & Music Hall - Saint Paul, MN
7/6 - The Riot Room - Kansas City, MI 7/8 - Vanguard - Tulsa, OK
7/9 - The Dirty 30 - Dallas, TX
7/10 - Super Happy Fun Land - Houston, TX
7/11 - Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
7/12 - The Haven - Orlando, FL
7/13 - Nighthawks - Jacksonville, FL
7/14 - The Wilbury - Tallahassee, FL
7/17 - The Boulevard Tavern - Charleston, WV
7/18 - Sidebar - Baltimore, MD
7/19 - Revolution - Amityville, NY
7/21 - Connie’s Ric Rac - Philadelphia, PA
7/22 - Brighton Bar - Long Branch, NJ
7/23 - Patterson Creations - Attleboro, MA
7/24 - Gold Sounds - Brooklyn, NY

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