The Breaking Pattern

By: Alyssa Legato

Following the release of their new EP, "...and Suddenly Nothing Becomes Everything," we caught up with The Breaking Pattern's Derek Hackman for a Savvage exclusive interview.  


Who is The Breaking Pattern comprised of and what are your roles in the band?

Derek Hackman (singer), Brandon Dillman (Drums), Jacob Beaver (bass), Nick Benzer (guitar)

Your EP has been out for just about 2 weeks, how have fans been reacting to the new music?

Overwhelmingly supportive. We had a strong turnout to our release show last week and have had fans messaging nonstop about their favorite songs since it’s been released.

What are each of your favorite tracks to listen to on the new EP? Do these differ from your favorite tracks to play live?

Hmm that’s like having to choose a favorite child. I think the most shocking song of all is True North. It is the only “heavy” song on the EP and not expected to go over as well with audiences in comparison to our poppier tracks. However, it is the closer to our set and has probably been the most popular song on the album so far.

What is your songwriting process like? Was it similar or different for this EP in comparison to previous material?

The EP was a lot more of a collaborative effort than the previous debut full length. When writing the full length, all the demos had already been completed with my previous band Ezer. I had lost band members during the final recording phases and was replacing them with members that would soon be TBP. With the EP, we recorded over 20+ demos at our drummers house, and the band collectively decided on which songs would make it to the EP. It was the first time I had ever had other people discuss the direction of the music and band. Ultimately, we double downed on a sound we thought uniquely defined us as a band.

For those of us who are just finding out about TBP, what are these Wine Wednesdays all about?

Originally, they started as a way for me to engage with fans on a more personal level through snapchat. I was sharing random stories and anecdotes. It was meant to be like a drunken fireside chat type of thing. I took a break for a few months and had a backlash from fans demanding I bring it back. Around that time, live streaming videos started becoming more and more popular. I decided why not bring back Wine Wednesday on a streaming platform and invite some guests over. It’s meant to still have that real talk kind of feel, and allow for engagement with fans. But it’s a little less focused on me, and more about interesting casual conversation in general.

Who are some of your biggest influences? Who are some artists you have been listening to lately?

Oh man, so the band and I get asked this question a lot so we decided to make specific spotify playlists for each band member. It has both new and old influences for all of us. You can check out the various playlists on our Spotify artist profile.
Derek      Nick      Jacob       Brandon

Describe your band/sound with an adjective, color, and food. (ex: Angry Purple Potato)

Soaring Teal Pizza (technically soaring is a verb, but I like it)

If you had to listen to one record for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

The Postal Service “Give Up”. If I could only listen to one album the rest of my life then I’d probably be pretty damn depressed. This is the album I listen to when I’m most sad. Also, it’s a work of freakin genius.

What advice would you have for anyone trying to start a band/musical endeavor?

My biggest advice is to not put out garbage recordings. I know it seems obvious, but I’ve seen killer live bands who hustle, but then try and cut a corner by doing all their own recordings instead of going to a professional producer. If you want people to listen, then put out amazing songs.   

What can we expect from TBP in the next few months? Any more music videos? Tour?

We are currently booking a tour for early Spring of 2018. We have plans to jump back in the studio in December, but it’s currently up to debate on whether it will be for an acoustic EP or a single. Either way, you’ll be hearing more music from us early next year!


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