By: Jennifer Pinckney

I was lucky to witness the first night on the tour of Otherwise’s Beta Testing tour in Clarksville, TN at the famous Warehouse in downtown Clarksville. Tonight’s show had lots of great music for us all to hear.

At 8:30pm Fever took the stage. They are locals from here in Clarksville. I’d say they definitely infected me. I really enjoyed their sound and their performance was full of energy.

Next up was Conquer the Distance. These guys are locals from Nashville, TN and the first time I saw them, they were opening for Otherwise, and here we are again, the two bands work together again. Conquer really nailed their set. Their sound and performance were on fire. They showed us how it’s done.

Killakoi hasn’t been in this area for almost a year now, so I’m glad they came back and made an appearance. These guys have got skill. They traveled all the way from North Carolina and they were the perfect band to warm us up for our headliners. Keep an eye out for them, you really should see them live.

Our headliners needed no introduction. We all came to see them. It has been at least a year since I have seen them as well and they had new music and their own light/production system! I was honored to be the first to photograph their new live set. It’s so hard not to photograph Adrian (the lead singer) because he is so interactive with the audience, and not to mention how photogenic he is. Tony (the Bassist) was posing with his fancy sunglasses and Ryan was rippin’ the guitar. It was a little hard to see Brian (the amazing drummer), but luckily I managed to snap a few cool pictures of him. These guys are so good to see live. If you haven’t seen them, add it to your bucket list. I foresee much more touring in their future. Woo hoo!

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