Bless the Fall

By: Jennifer Pinckney

I don’t think we knew what we were walking into when we all lined up at the door at 5:30pm to be entered into the madness beginning at 6pm. The reason why this night started so early was because we had SIX bands on the menu! Phew!! But great for us to witness SIX completely different bands.

First up was one of my personal favorite bands… but I suppose I’m biased because I’m their photographer and lifelong fan, locals from Nashville, Conquer the Distance. These guys were only allowed a 20-minute set, but they completely blew us away with their sound! Frontman Timothy Ortez’s vocals and screams were insane! These guys are so freaking talented, and they made lots of fans on this night. Check them out!

Next was another Nashville local called Break and Enter. These guys are bit harder but still have a great tune to bang your head to. Frontman Nolan Brock Steele’s screams are on point! If you haven’t heard these guys, you really should check them out. They awakened the mosh pit that would only continue as more bands took the stage.

We still have 4 bands to rock this Thursday. Next up was a band called Glass Houses. These guys are on the road with Bless the Fall and holy moly… the energy that we saw was lit! Josh Haider, the front man, must had chugged 10 cups of coffee. He was all over the stage, jumping all over the place and showing off this huge grin throughout their set. These guys were super fun to see and definitely made a fan of me. Check them out!

Lots of people came to see Slaves, the one band tonight who did not have a screamer, but it is good to hear a different type of “rock” and hear what this band has to say. These guys are from California and are huge Game of Thrones fans. We learned that during their set, and the fact that they look forwards to Sundays. LOL Guess a lot of people look forward to that day. Their set was very energetic, and their fans happily sang along. So much talent in this venue on this night.

Next up was a band that was secretly hidden from the tour announcement for some time. That really amped up fans once they learned that it was Palisades! The guys ran on the stage to start their set and damn those guys know how to put on a rock show. I enjoyed photographing them, especially the drummer, as you can see, he was super lively, and you can clearly tell how much fun he was having up there. Louis Miceli’s vocals were on fire, but most of the fans knew the lyrics, so he was able to just hold the mic out to the screaming fans and let them do the work.

Last but certainly not least was the one and only Bless the Fall. Beau Bokan wasted no time in squirting the audience with water. I am noticing a trend here (this is my 2nd time photographing them). But hey, it makes for some cool pictures! I just feel bad for the fans who get the water on them, but maybe it cools them down? I didn’t hear any complaints, so I’m sure Beau knows what he’s doing. He was very engaging with the crowd, giving everyone fist bumps, smiling and goofing around on stage. Perfect performance. Bands should always have fun like these guys do. All of the bands tonight showed off so much talent and we can definitely see that they all love making music.

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