Jennifer Pinckney

It’s a Tuesday night in Music City, but that didn’t stop hundreds of screaming rock fans making their way to the Bridgestone Arena to see a few of their favorite bands! Godsmack returned after WAY too long! Along with their highness, we all were braced with the incredible performances of Stitched Up Heart and the ROCK GODS of Volbeat!

Doors opened at 6:30pm and the show started right at 7:30 with the beautiful voice of Mixi Demner from Stitched Up Heart. What a voice on that girl! They just recorded a song called “Lost” that features Sully from Godsmack. They actually recorded that here in Nashville, and on this night, they were able to play it here! This heavy rock/metal band hasn’t been around for very long but they are growing fast! Check out their singles “Finally Free,” “Monster,” and “Catch Me When I Fall.”

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen Volbeat, so we were ready for them to brace us with their rockness! It was so nice to see Michael Poulsen and his handsome smile! They rocked the Arena hard! We heard all of our favorite songs including, “A Warrior’s Call,” “Still Counting,” and “Lola Montez.” I couldn’t help singing and banging my head along while capturing some cool pictures of the guys. Hope to see them again soon!

Right at 10:00pm, the music came on and the curtain dropped and there was GODSMACK! The guys opened with “When Legends Rise,” which was absolutely perfect, and continued to play a bunch of their newer songs, but also a lot of their classic songs that we all know and love. Toward the middle of their set, Sully asked for the lights to be turned off and if the audience wanted to see them, they would have to light up the stage themselves. One by one.. each phone came on with its light and the stage was lite! Pretty cool to see that! The guys rocked the house till 11:30pm and included “Scars,” “Bulletproof,” “Crying Like a Bitch,” “Go Away,” and of course “I Stand Alone.” Their new album is amazing. One of those that you can just listen to over and over. They were on fire, literally. I got pictures to prove it! Till next time Music City… Keep rockin’!

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