We Came as Romans

By: Jennifer Pinckney

It was a Wednesday night in Nashville at the famous and most well-visited venues, The Cowan, where much need screaming was called for. We Came as Romans and Erra were on the list tonight, and this is only the beginning of this tour. Erra took the stage first and they blew us away! These guys are from Alabama (so they weren’t too far from home), and they really shook up the place. Jesse Cash (vocalist) has incredible screaming vocals and a way with the audience. We were all under his spell. They opened their set with “Irreversible,” and continued with “Drift,” “Skyline,” “Rebirth,” and ended with “Breach.”

Our headliners for tonight came out strong and proudly hung a sign with the words “Kyle Pavone,” where everyone could see that he is still with the band, just in a different way. The guys opened their set with “Vultures with Clipped Wings,” and continued with tons of great music including “Ghosts,” “Lost in the Moment,” “Hope,” “Learn to Survive,” and ended with “Cold like War.” Dave Stephens (vocalist) sang very well along with his screams. He thanked us all for all the support they have received during the passing of their singer, Kyle Pavone. You could tell in a couple of the songs, the guys miss their friend deeply. They know that Kyle would have wanted them to keep going strong. I’m sure he will never leave their side. Incredible show tonight!

Savvage Media