By: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn


"Ain’t no party like a Halfnoise party.” I learned this phrase around a year ago from Zac Farro, and he was not joking. Nashville’s funky alternative-pop group decided to give us a double dose of disco fever. The first show was Friday night at the Basement East. Sparkle City Disco set the mood by spinning all of our favorite 70’s/80’s music before the show and in between the sets. Between their groovy tunes and disco ball, we were living our best disco lives. First artist to take the stage was Bantug. I loved this pop trio’s ambient vibe and soothing sound. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of them in Nashville. Up next was Hogslop String Band. “We probably look like we’re from another planet,” the Southern string boys joked. This was unlike anything I have seen; banjo, fiddle, guitar, bass, and a hell of a lot of energy. I was blown away by their picking/playing and danced my ass off.

Halfnoise concerts are more of an experience than just a show. Every Halfnoise show is full of an uncontrollable energy that electrifies through the venue. The minute Zac started rattling his tambourine, we knew it was time to party. The set-list included several favorites that we love, such as “French Class”, “She Said”, and “Sudden Feeling.” Of course it wouldn’t be a Halfnoise show without “Scooby’s in the Back,” and we all went extra hard for this one. They also did a live debut for two songs, one being their latest single, “Who Could You Be?” Zac also jumped on the drums and bongos during the set, which is always fun to watch him playing drums with Joey Mullen. Seeing a group of friends on stage jamming out together in their hometown is so special. Zac kept talking about how anxious he was for this show, and so were we. It was one big dance party with family and friends; everything we could have hoped for and more.

GRIMEY’S 03.16.19

As a bonus, Halfnoise did an in-store session on Saturday at Grimey’s (our favorite place to get vinyl - shop locally!). This was another special event, where the band kept it very intimate. Everyone gathered around the stage for the performance; several of us sat - because we feel that comfortable around this band - that we can sit and boogie. Grimey’s also had free beer available for us that were 21+. I met a lot of really sweet fans while we were waiting for the show. I had also met some the night before. It’s incredible how a band can bring create an instant bond between people. After a hectic week, walking into Grimey’s was like walking into an alternate universe. I was about to see all of my favorite people, meet incredible new people, and dance (some more) to one of my favorite bands. After the show, the guys stuck around to say hey. It was a very chill, fun afternoon. Such an incredible weekend, and I am already anticipating the next Halfnoise show.

Halfnoise has two more dates left on this run. You can see them:
March 21st at Market Hotel in LA (with Gothic Tropic and That)
March 29th at The Teragram Ballroom in NYC (with LIP TALK - Album Release and Liam Benzvi)
*tickets and additional information can be found on their WEBSITE.

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