Seaway - "Pleasures"

By: Bailey Moser


Do they love each other?  Do they hate each other? The “Pleasures” music video by Canadian-band, Seaway, keeps you guessing to the final scene.  The romantic hue gives this light-hearted video a simmer of the golden hour. It’s as though the sun’s hanging in the perfect place in the sky of what appears to be the city of San Francisco, California.  A thick, black border that perimeters the video adds a hint of old Hollywood while the male and female’s clothing have a classic appeal to them.

It seems Seaway is used to their sound being comparing to Weezer often, but “Pleasures” particularly gives similarities to “Pork and Beans” with lyrics that allude to the shortcomings of life and how we handle life in those moments.  For example, “Giving into all my pleasures / The all make me feel much better” alludes to possibly over-indulging in order to deal with stress. The woman in the music video must be one of those pleasures as the chorus asks a friend to meet “on an island far from here”, but it appears she’s more dangerous than video jokes toward in the beginning.  While the song is catchy and fun, the music video is melancholy in comparison to the parallels of happiness and anger we see on the couples’ expressions throughout their frolicking.

Some symbolism taken away could be that the pleasures our lead sings of are tempting to indulge in, but if we do not face them by hiding from them on an island, the trouble may just follow you. Special shout out to YouTuber, Set in Snow, for their comment, “This whole video is so awkward and uncomfortable to watch yet satisfying at the same time” because it could not be more true.  It’s strange how women can nail the whole gorgeously psycho routine, and our leading lady of “Pleasures” delivers a stellar performance.  Have a look for yourself with the video below! Also - if you like what you hear, Seaway just released their 4th studio album, Fresh Produce, on April 19th, 2019. Be sure to give it a listen and grab tickets for one of their shows this summer in the US or the UK!  [TOUR DATES HERE]

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