By: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn


Krigarè released her self-titled album on Friday, and it's everything we could have hoped for and more.  This cinematic-pop artist is breaking barriers.  I fell in love with Krigarè (Kennedy Noel)'s music nearly a year ago, when we did an interview for Savvage Media.  I was instantly captivated by Kennedy's fantastic vocals, as well as her heart of gold.  This self-titled album helps Krigarè to tell her powerful story of being a warrior, demonstrating strength and perseverance.  

The album starts out with one of my favorite songs, "Silhouette."  This track isolates Krigarè's vocals, which are dauntingly beautiful.  This song was also co-written and produced by Joseph Trapanese, which is super cool!  "Falling Apart" and "Heights" are two of my other favorite songs.  These were two singles released prior to the album that had me hooked.  I admire Krigarè for her genuine lyrics paired with such an infectious beat.  "If I Just Wake Up" completely shattered my heart.  “You’ve survived. You’re alive. Now make something of your life.”  For those of you that don't know, Kennedy has been cancer free for almost one whole year now, and that's what several of these songs are about.  Hearing these lyrics of how you "got to be grateful or your seen as selfish," breaks my heart.  Kennedy has been through so much, yet she’s still the strongest and kindest person I have ever met.  This song ultimately teaches us to be thankful that we are alive and to go out and live.  "Royal Blood" is a funky-fresh song, definitely something you'd blast in the car.  Kennedy lets us know that she is "coming for the crown" - and quite honestly - she deserves it!

I could go on and on, but I'll let the rest of the album speak for itself.  I highly reccomend you check out Krigarè's self titled album and catch her a show!

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