The Plot In You - "Dispose"

By: Mary Welch

With all the artists out there putting out music, it can surely be hard to know when to check out a band or when to take a pass.  However, the Plot in You is one that you will absolutely want to get into.  Hopefully you’ve at least seen their name around if you have not heard any songs yet.  Now that I finally gave into the hype and listened to their new album Dispose, I think we can all agree it is one of the top best albums of the year, if not of all time.  Each song is both musically and lyrically mastered, and upon my first listen I was obsessed with the mix of genres it is comprised of and the various emotions it portrays.

If you’re not sure which one to hear first, I recommend starting with their opening track “Rigged.”  What I love about it most is the transition from the slow, moody intro to the intense, passionate ending.  But be careful, because if you listen to it on loop as many times as I have in the past week, vocalist Landon Tewers’ exceptional voice will get stuck in your head.  The same goes for all the other songs, but especially “I Always Wanted to Leave” and closing track “Disposable Fix.”  The music videos for them are some of the cooler ones I’ve seen because of how they really represent the emotions of the songs.

The Plot in You and Landon Tewers did not disappoint on this album.  Additionally, Tewers’ solo work is right on the same level of obsession as Dispose.  I have played this album on loop for days and days on end, and there is no sign of stopping.  The band came to my city a few weeks ago, but I unfortunately had not listened to Dispose at the time, so don’t put off giving this masterpiece your attention until it’s too late like I did.


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